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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  April 4, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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neil: welcome, everybody. i am neil cavuto. more then a few if you are flabbergasted with more than 1 million enrollees not more but totaled not that what the president claimed but 6 million and you are closer to a net new pay number of those who did sign up. we cringed and numbers. >> are you telling me we brought the entire health care system for 1 million people?
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>> take up those who are not paying or who have coverage and 1 million? neil: i have plenty of drugs. >> cannot believe when you went through the numbers then to see the final figure it was likely worse than you said because you left up those who lost coverage. why aren't more reporting this? neil: it was surprisingly easy to track. but we're good at math than the numbers don't add up. but to be clear on what you have been asking if i thought the president might. i think technically he stated the overall number. 7.1 billion people signing up for the new health care law. he did not distinguish between those who had coverage versus those who did not and kept the big number off hoping that nobody will buck up the other numbers that were part
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of this. i say reports that big number but also how he arrived at that number period they don't add up. to wine key architect to says the president's numbers are wrong because his are even better than they would appear. i did this with some policy wonks where am i wrong? >> because you are conflating to a different concepts you have noted the first issue is how many have signed up for health care. there is with the exchanges are a couple million 34 million on medicaid. neil: you just inflated right there.
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>> no the question is how many signed up for health insurance because of the health care law that is more than 10 million. neil: before now i will by that because you dismiss prior when i talk about those that lost coverage i keep thematically by not doing the extrapolations that they're all part of the same piece. go-ahead. >> ultimately here is the point we can agree so how many people paid to insurance coverage? one is wrong but we have a hard data survey cannot from the urban institute 5.4 billion americans had the assurance of the first quarter 2013 bin at the end. neil: that study did not account for those who had lost insurance. no. those who signed up directly under this new law for insurance it didn't account
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for where they came from. >> if they have a reasonable doubt they should check out the urban institute study simply asks you have insurance? that includes those who lost or those who gained a and 5. 4 million people gained. neil: but if you look at the survey of the conservative estimate of 20 percent who did not pay, i am not saying they are not duplicitous but as we indicated in the past that it is analogous liking your car to have not checked out you have not gotten it is it fair to say have not paid and wouldn't that be disingenuous to include them in that total? >> it would be.
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neil: so that breaking this you back to the urban institute's number do you think that is the number? the wrist -- to frustration says 7.1 million. >> you took the 7 million then you tell people as the role that my number than mixed it up that calculation did not make sense. neil: i did not do that i took the number and would back get out those who were net new to this not going from coverage 82 coverage day and i had to go only with those numbers those that lost coverage as much as i left out those who because of this just to keep
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apples to apples and oranges to oranges. >> then take this a day -- the survey the one question that we care about. are you insured? 5.4 million americans are insured more. neil: now hear the numbers i can get through with 46 million uninsured going into this. my math is 45 million with your math maybe 41 or 42. do you think if we knew we would have this many uninsured that we will still have 30 million was it worth it? symmachus is of a three year phase-out. neil: if we have 30 million uninsured was it worth it? >> absolutely. neil: really? >> we covered half. neil: but we were to cover
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everyone. >> nobody ever claimed everyone. neil: jonathan. everyone will be protected in this country now you tell me they won't. >> you can be protected by the fact way you lose your insurance coverage. in 2012 3.6 million americans lost their insurance coverage through job loss they had nowhere to go. now they have the exchange to turn to. neil: i did not want to go long but to be clear you credit all of this to the health care law maybe not even those from the frustration getting jobs and a better economy? is that health care or for people getting jobs? >> if you look the short change from the end of 2013 through early 2014 i think it is the health care law. neil: i appreciate your
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coming. decide for yourself we will have all of the various calculations on the web site have added. i am not saying that the president lied about this but i think governor bob region doll did. >> to be did not look at the american people in the face and promise them to keep the doctor and the premium and keep their doctor no way this would have passed. >> so you think he lied? >> i will be a little more generous but the discussion about what these numbers mean has been extraordinarily misleading. of governor hits the right point. the president keeps talking about the people who have been health insurance under the law that is the controversy that we talk about today but the bigger question is how many people have health care? under obamacare providers to
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airdropping daughter of networks who cannot live up to the mandates and whether in the exchange your with private insurance are going to see the health care provider then unable to get the care that ty need. neil: when push comes to shove the and they shove numbers of this magnitude that have been told, you say what? >> first cbo told us all along after the tenure period we will still have about 30 million people who are uninsured. so the question for the proponents is whether or not this lot is sufficient to say we have fixed the problems of the united states. 30 million people is far too many to have unemployment that was to be comprehensive health care reform. look at that cost. 6 million kicked off their
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insurance plan now buying into the exchange that is more expensive with less coverage. not to mention the tax increases that has already gone into effect in still many more increases coming down the road. but the american economy is huge for 1 million net new enrollees of health care. neil: is a mass. coming up now "the biggest loser". first she loses to a much now people are on her because she has gained too much. take your cash and dash. there is a good chance your money could be
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neil: how good are you on cash right now? hits your atm soon by next tuesday because that is when the atm could be at the
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mercy of cyberthieves the day that the software the power of the machine changes the opera -- the microsoft operating system goes away and many banks and not ready with software to replace it. foldable. that is a prime target for those wanting to steal your cash. if you hear that sound as you approach the atm and that is a good sign you have problems. what happens on tuesday? >> if the banks don't get on the stick the cut -- consumers will suffer because the security of the software that they put in now the windows '07 software will prevent the hackers from getting in but the expiry software out there that hackers are breeding. neil: that phases out.
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>> we have known this for a while. >> is new security that should be ready to go but a lot is not. >> there are tremendous risk to be hacked where they can get into the atm. not all the transfers of dollars but talking about information and hacking. they can get into the atm as soon as you put in the cards they take the information. neil: how? >> they are sitting in dark rooms with computers and they packed into the software they are able to get on line is through the xp software to take the intermission. neil: then it you get through it it says no funds available worst-case scenario. neil: are they protected? >> they are protected but
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the issue is that they will get their money eventually but they might have to wait. neil: i know you have software setup to replace this so you are not vulnerable so how do i know if mine is? >> if i was a consumer i would go to my bank immediately and ask if they have changed. neil: the big money-center banks? limit they have not accomplished this yet. neil: let's just say that my bank has a chance that it may not. >> absolutely. ne: this has to be in place by tuesday. >> it takes time. neil: they have had plenty of warning. >> i would say 25 percent is
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of lots of the industry that would be ready 75 percent is not. neil: the atm is vulnerable to hackers on tuesday? >> absolutely the amount of atms out there is so great that they've would have had to started months back preparing to change the software. neil: that is kind of liked y2k. >> absolutely. the one bright spot is that a majority of the community banks like us and our size, we use software out side. so we contract with companies that has been
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guiding us through the change. they started a and they have sent us information and a playback sova community banks once again are probably the best protected that. neil: this is scary. >> very. very. >> he is handing out free monday. [laughter] not really. we have been trying to warn you about this but now it is out there you should check with your bank. everything you have ever known about working throw it out because the new health care law has turned this whole job thing and what is the job on its head. ♪ gunderman group is a go.
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neil: though whole health care law what what defines work. 18 democrats tried to restore the 40 hour work week that ever since obamacare started to define who gets coverage by the number of hours they work it has changed people's perceptions of what is more. normally if he were than 40 hours you don't have coverage so now they are defined of what is the workweek. the steeples co-founder says this is what happens when you come up with something on the fly. what you make of this? many of them voted for though lost to say we have to clarify the
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english-language? >> what is crazy if you are a job-creating business or service you feel like a punching bag. one week it is a 30 hour work week to cut everybody's hours which is painful the next week it is higher minimum wage so you cannot give the young kid a chance. next they tried to take the assistant managers to make them pay by the hour with overtime. they want to be perceived as managers and not clerks. every time you hurt people not thinking through the side effects and governing on the fly and it is a disaster. neil: during the 2012 campaign as a key adviser to mayor ron the use said be aware of the hypothetical consequences this is the unintended consequence even for those backers they are going back to say now what
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is the law? >> 35 changes to the of law. i am told roughly 30 are not constitutional since the law has been passed. don't think one american can tell you what it says including the administration themself. it is a trade reck then they throw out moralize or deceptions so no 7 million signups. have they told you how many were previously insured? how many were on medicare? how many are there just because they are part of the 1.3 billion whose plans were canceled? neil: we got into those numbers a and we found out i know that this does not shock you it is closer at 1 million net. but the bottom line is. >> out of 30 million uninsured. neil: actually it is
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46 million buddies think we see this confusion but we will need clarification every day. >> we have that and the whole notion to do these data federal level. the cost of living is a lot different in new york city the and i was so why do we have a national minimum wage it makes no sense. then we have california who is a race with the obama to become france's first. if you hire a person with any manual work at all you did have a class-action lawsuits to say they deserve overtime so now the country moves to california. that is not a good thing. neil: they thought he was crazy for his concept with staples but don't call him that now. thank you. coming up, the biggest
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losers latest wait has people reaching out to. but first he took three days off for the birth of his first child now some die-hard fans and commentators are upset that he did. news flash to the mets and their fans senate this is about the new york mets. the new york mets.
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breo is not for asthma. breo contains a type of medicine that increases risk of death in people with asthma. it is not known if this risk is increased in copd. breo won't replace rescue inhalers for sudden copd symptoms and should not be used more than once a day. breo may increase your risk of pneumonia, thrush, osteoporosis, and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking breo. ask your doctor about b-r-e-o for copd. first prescription free at my >> should then take time off when children are born? >> i am from sweden. i took off one year. >> are you following the story? gimmicky took two days for i cannot blame him he should take time off. >> he cannot stay at the mets and the way.
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>> you cannot be tied it to your job is to have a new child. >> and they said have paternity leaves for saturday's i am sure she is exhausted and needs help anyone who loves their wife or kids will take time off to help both of them. neil: absolutely. [laughter] a lot if you are not playing ball but some die-hard fans and commentators are very angry at daniel murphy for taking three a whole day's of paternity leave for the birth of his first child. they are overreacting cut him some slack. it is the mets. it is his first child. grrrr what about the fuss? >> full disclosure i am a yankees fan like get matters.
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i was at my daughter's birth personal experience. then i had to go off to work the same day. neil: the same day? you are heartless what was so important? >> i had to go to work. neil: first child? >> i have a stepson as well as was not there for his birth but. neil: i'm sorry i thought you were a human being. >> but i work hard for a living but the point is that the very least he is married and staying with his wife. that is great news from the rubber professional sports where very often you do not see married people or guys taking care of their families. neil: but the sports commentators are angry. really? i just don't see the issue.
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>> yes. it is the mets. have we said that before? but there always looking for some excuse or some way out because the 1986 and 1969 they are losers. get over it. neil: that is the least of your troubles blue and orange combination don't get me started. [laughter] terry remember rachel who was "the biggest loser" winner begotten to controversy because a lot of people thought she lost to much weight and now she is 20 pounds heavier now they're tweeting now she is a logger starting. not everyone is happy no one is ever satisfied. >> and she should not have been shamed into gaining weight back.
11:33 pm
>> should i read into the fact we've moved from obamacare to skinny people? i am just saying it all goes to the white house. >> scan date is not necessarily healthy you would be happy to know that. [laughter] there is nothing wrong. neil: i took some time off with my kids but that is just me. i have a soul. [laughter] >> the best perfume is small packages. [laughter] >> most of the people in the overall car skiddy because they don't have enough food to put on the table. but we are lucky will live then add country you can choose to be happy or skinny neil: i thought in order to
11:34 pm
be happy with of model thin crowd you could not be too thin now they are jumping on the bandwagon. take up tennis really not that thin. neil: i like a little cushion. neil: okay. that is fine. >> they call her heavy. are you kidding? this is not. >> incredible. >> the staff loves you and that he is so good in this segment. >> this is my last showing. >> we could do better. >> was a the pushing and for the question. neil: than he left his
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>> our health insurance plan was canceled because of obamacare. i thought this has to be wrong this new plan is not affordable and all. my husband is working more hours. neil: democrats went to grade aha length suit dismissed her story. but the fifth place and it really was canceled and the premium did skyrocket and she really did tell the story the way it played out. good to have you.
11:39 pm
>> banks for having me. are you surprised to see the fallout including the hon network on the left said the word dubious victim. what you think of that? >> i expected the fallout from the left. they have been cheerleaders all long ignoring all the effects it is happening -- having a real american families but to focus on the keywords and the catch phrases they just keep repeating over and over to make them feel good about this. neil: they did not believe the fact you were paying $221 per month before now almost $1,000 they said that was impossible that could not have happened.
11:40 pm
>> we were getting are really great to price. i don't deny. we bought that years ago so little by little in has gone up over the years. our exact plan one year ago would have been a lot more expensive. neil: but that should not have to be clarified. it is what you paid with the adjustments but tell us what else. what changed as the results of the plan that you had to adjust to or pay more for? >> the new affordable care act includes the mandated benefits but it comes down to the bottom line financially. even with the extra benefits there is no possible way that this will not cost us thousands and thousands more every single year. neil: what is not included or carries a higher expense?
11:41 pm
>> to have a similar type of plan like we used to have that includes the same doctors and networks cover the new premium is $980. there is cheaper plans out there but this is the only plan available to us that includes our doctors and specialists. neil: could you take advantage of the subsidies to bring that down? >> our family is denied a subsidy because we fall under the qualifications for medicaid were raised. they did not just to expand medicaid to take better care of the needy families but expanded medicaid to include middle-class. these who have paid for their own insurance for years now suddenly they kick them into the medicaid system. neil: but you make too much to qualify for the subsidies or get the reimbursements.
11:42 pm
>> no. that is not the case. we make in amounts that then a child qualifies but if we want to put the child on a private plan we are not allowed to use the subsidy that we are due. neil: so that means to take a vintage of the overrates you have to compromise some of the coverage is that right? >> we have to tip -- kick the children off the family plan to put them into the medicaid system then we could use a small subsidy but that is not an option for us. years do years ago we had our children in that program and it was awful. we had a terrible experience with some really bad decisions made by the doctor at that time to put every daughter's life times. nothing that we ever want to
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go back to. neil: a government program that is not touted what it is to be. amazing. you have been pretty of brave in the face of criticism from grand rapids michigan. coming up a new survey decides how much money you need to be considered rich. how much? if you are president obama it is to madrid 50 grant. look at this selfie is okay for the president to talk things but when other people do it? ♪ ♪
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neil: what makes someone rich? in this country you will start paying for it if you make 250,000. but when the british were asked they said $70 million. vs 250,000? that is not rich. >> if you live in peoria illinois yes san francisco, new york, and no. neil: it is not? to make it quickly goes out the door. it is one thing to talk about geographic location groceries and gas it will cost more in california or new york but also the aspect of what you're doing and what it takes to make that many. longer hours, you're not hold as much and cleaning services or nannies a lot goes into this other than a number to blanket statement that is rich i have a
11:48 pm
problem. neil: it is i like -- in the eye of the beholder spinet that seems like an arbitrary number. >> but what is happening is the value of $1 billion to be a millionaire has gone down if you have a million dollars wherever you live it is a lot of money but you are rich but not that rich. you cannot buy though world. >> it is a lot more than 250,000. >> i think it is more than that. to make pretty good compensation when you get to that love lost putting kids through college to get no financial aid. i put to through the cost
11:49 pm
was half a million. i am still recovering from that and will be four years. i think 250 is a little low whether peoria or new york city. i could stand slightly less than 70 million. [laughter] neil: i am thinking of the number. listen to this subsidy samsung can i use the president's image. -- are the same guys who had no problem to sell their stuff on comedy shows or talk shows with lebanon james or maybe gaga and they have a problem with the samsung? >> they are very effective it was treated more than 40,000 times from the twitter account.
11:50 pm
>> he took it using the galaxy note spinet that is the big phone. >> the same company that took the phone of alan to generous spirit he should just go with that. survey she took a photo with the president i don't think 40,000 is a lot. the matter the number it is our resonating with the social media users as the oscar selfie. neil: is this of weird one anyway. >> but what do you make of this? i think the of mr. scherer protest too much. >> i am an agreement.
11:51 pm
this president will do every late-night show. neil: but if you do that then don't criticize. >> then why did he have them to the of white house? but samsung cannot benefit? it does not make sense. >> i was going t ask you for a selfie after this segment. [laughter] i was going to steal one. [laughter] cut a deal neil: this is all powerful this segment is becoming. dead people are either leaving a and viewers are responding when our founding
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neil: what is the deal with the president claiming he has 7.1 million in royalties for the health care? we have 1 billion. not 1 million fewer but total. and we were generously on a curve and beating up those who lost coverage altogether so so fewer coverage since the law that before it. so what is the deal with democrats getting away with the lie? ask the of mainstream media right crunched the numbers and i am not clark kent but i am superman. [laughter] i thank you are right to the administration knows well the real numbers favor just hoping they're not be too many to track them down. neil: but not too many are interested to get to the bottom of the numbers. >> obama did not like he
11:56 pm
said 7.1 million he did not say net new or paid or young he just said 7.1 million. neil: you might recall i never said he lied. but you are right like a very good lawyer he is a captive at that hoping the compliant media with the that that. but i would not because it is not. >> thank god you dug into this because now i am serious. we spent all this money to ensure 1 billion and still have 45 billion without insurance? really? house stupid does he think we are from the media buying his figure of klein and sinker. >> so what? who cares? within 7 million have coverage they did not have before so why cannot you praise the fact that they do
11:57 pm
now? neil: get this through your school because many did have coverage before. they are not new. they had coverage. many still have not paid for the coverage they have now. if you don't mind paying for all this and getting the real facts they will be very happy to pay for this but just know that liberals love it with taxpayers' like you don't make a big issue over things like this. they keep doing things like this but if you are happy with this then just keep watching cnbc or do what you do. day watching animal planet? we also got a reaction from we also got a ton of reaction from bobby jindal. especially after the governor said that. >> let's be clear. obamacare would not have become laws without those lies are you looking the american people in the face and say they can keep their plans and cut their premiums, there's no way this would have passed. lou: elizabeth said it's all in
11:58 pm
the past. and we are recognizing it wallis of allies and a waste of taxpayer dollars. and obama would not have won reelection if those came out of for the reelection. but certainly people realize the promise is would it be fulfilled might be right. the damage has been done, but if it is appealed, the hard costs are going to be unbearable we don't even know them all yet. cut the head off the snake and start over. now on to things that really matter. i love your honesty and your humor and how you handle your gas. we are blessed to have you. indeed you are. indeed. count yourself lucky. and roy says your show is
11:59 pm
becoming one big ad for the hm show. it was funny when he that one or two times, but this is getting annoying. you may send it back to o'reilly. so i mean tweeting i am prepared to be impressed. and finally, nancy pelosi says that the founding fathers would have loved the health care law. how did she know? well, i don't remember ben franklin never mentioning it, although he did e-mail me right afterwards to say that she could go fly a kite. and he suggested that she go fly a kite in a very wet thunderstorm while firmly grasping a key.
12:00 am
he mentioned that it would be an exhilarating experience. so those are the kind of viewers that i like. [laughter] keep it up and have a great weekend. we will see you next kennedy: look at this. this is a pig, cute and sweet, as she is, she represents on a is wrong with our country. that is one form of spinning out of control. we will be representing this by our little piglet, whom we named it pelosi. competitive benefits and entitlements to defense and where can we cut? how are we screwed? where is the poor? welcome


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